Isoprene rubber --the main metarial of wheels! - Update by Chengzhu : 10:22:am On Sun 19 2018

Rubber material determines the range of use and service life of rubber products, different materials of rubber correspond to different media environment, the use of unsuitable rubber materials, will greatly shorten the use of rubber parts, may also have a great impact on the life of the whole parts.
Chongqing Feilong Jiangli has its own independent research and development laboratory, all products have their own materials developed and produced, can ensure the quality of the materials used, for the production of first-class rubber products escort!
The following is the classification and application scope of commonly used rubber materials for your customers' reference and selection.4, isoprene rubber (IR) is a cis structure rubber synthesized by polymerization of isoprene monomer. The chemical composition and three-dimensional structure are similar to natural rubber, and the properties are very similar to natural rubber, so it is called synthetic natural rubber. It has most of the advantages of natural rubber, aging resistance due to natural rubber, elasticity and strength than natural rubber slightly lower, poor processing performance, higher costs. Usage temperature range: about - 50 +100
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